Ashford building Solutions have a wide range of conservatory styles from Edwardian to T Shape conservatories. Browse through our gallery of conservatories to find the right style of conservatory  for your home.

Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian conservatory is designed with a pitched roof and is able to suit all house and bungalow styles. The Victorian conservatory is available in two styles;

  • 3 facet, where the bay front has three main windows at a wider angle for more space.
  • 5 facet which has a bay of five main windows creating a more subtle rounded appearance.

The Victorian conservatory offers the ultimate in new conservatory design.

Edwardian Conservatory

The Edwardian conservatory combines the splendour of a Victorian and the functionality of a Lean To conservatory offering you an elegant look with a sleek and simple design that will go with your home, whether it is modern or traditional.
The Edwardian conservatory gives you maximum living space with its square base and pitched roof.

Georgian Conservatory

The Georgian conservatory offers a clean and simple look with strong bold lines and a flat front.
With the full square corners you can maximise on the interior floor space opposed to the rounded corners on the Victorian conservatory.

Lean To Conservatory

The Lean To conservatory is like an extension to the house but with more grace then a typical extension and is ideal for properties with limited space.
The Lean To conservatory is ideal for properties with limited space or if your conservatory needs to fit in an awkward area. The roof is variable so you can have a shallow pitched roof or a steeper pitched roof depending on what space to have available.

Gable Conservatory

The Gable conservatory has a much steeper pitched roof which adds light and space to your conservatory providing you with a stunning space for you to relax in or entertain friends.

T Shape Conservatory

The T shape conservatory allows you to maximise on your living space and gives an attractive symmetrical appearance to your home.
This conservatory style is ideal for large properties but can also be adapted to suit smaller homes.

P Shape Conservatory

The P Shape Conservatory is created by blending two styles into one. The Victorian style conservatory helps create the P shape and can be specified to have a 3 or 5 facet bay.
The P shape conservatory is big enough to offer two separate living areas or just one large living quarter.